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Frizzy Hair. The Science Behind It & How To Fix It

Let's talk about frizz.

Every curly haired woman has frizz. The problem is, nobody really understands where it comes from, how you get it, or how to manage it properly. Today we’re going to talk about the science behind frizz and how to fix it.

What exactly is frizz?

Almost every woman in the world experiences frizz at some point. Frizz is a reaction of damage to the hair that causes the cuticle to stand up. The damage can come from straightening hair, curling hair, perming hair, swimming in a pool, etc. All these things damage the hair and cause frizz.

Hair is supposed to look like snakeskin, a series of overlapping platelets that lay very smoothly on each other. Healthy hair feels very smooth, soft, and sleek because the platelets are laying flat. Unfortunately, when there is damage, the little platelets start to stand up and cause your hair to feel rough. Once enough of them are standing up, your hair strands will start to get stuck on each other like velcro.

Can frizz be fixed?

Now let's get into the science behind it. Whenever your hair is exposed to the atmosphere, there's a chemical reaction that creates a charge. We've developed our products to have the opposite charge. So just like a magnet, our product goes right to those damaged sites and ignores the healthy part of your hair so you don't get build up.

We've essentially made a microcapsule. It's about 1/100th the size of your hair shaft. So there are literally millions of charges in each bottle of hairspray, shampoo, and conditioner we have. Now imagine you have a split end. Our little technology gets in there and as your hair dries, it will literally bring your hair back together and seal it up. It eliminates that gap that gives you frizz, your platelets sit down, everything becomes softer, smoother, shinier. It's much easier to detangle your hair because the hair is no longer getting stuck on each other.

How do I use the Anti-Frizz Spray?

We recommend that as you step out of your shower, you spray the product generously on your hair. You can then use your fingers to comb through your strands and distribute the spray evenly. At that point, you can let it dry naturally or wrap with our micro-fiber towel or diffuse whichever you prefer. As it's drying it will start to release the technology that allows it to repair.

In just a few applications you are going to love it. The ladies that were involved in our test panels for several months reported that their hair grew longer because there was no need to cut off their split ends.

The problem with other products.

There are lots of women who spend a lot of money on bottles and bottles of cheap shampoos and conditioners and their frizz gets worse. And that has a lot to do with the science of negatively and positively charged ions.

Healthy hair has a neutral charge. When there's a chemical reaction that causes damage, the hair then there is a negative charge. Traditional conditioners use what's called a quat to condition your hair. This is a very effective material but it’s made to be used on healthy hair because remember, damaged hair has a negative charge.

And what do we remember from science class in high school? Positive and negative attract. That's why magnets work. But when you have a powerful positive quat in a conditioner that gets into one of those spots, instead of bringing it back together, it's so powerful it actually it makes it worse.

Curly Girls tend to buy a lot of these cheaper brands and, after a short period of time, notice that the frizz gets worse. The truth is you can't overcome the science of what's pushing the hair apart. At best, they're not improving anything and at worst, they're causing more damage.

Try our Anti-Frizz Spray for yourself and get your hair healed!

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