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Raw Curls Flour Sack Towel

Raw Curls Flour Sack Towel

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STOP! Step away from the towel… Yes, the same one you’re drying off with after your shower. If that’s what you’re using to dry your curls, you’re gonna want to try this NOW.

Every step of your hair care process should work to protect and enhance your curls. This towel works to protect your curls shape and health and it’s the exact towel we use in our Raw Hair Organic Salon. Your curls will want one, too.

Suitable for ALL CURL TYPES!


  • Fresh out of the shower, scrunch out excess water.
  • Apply styling products (we recommend our Anti-Frizz Spray which is all natural, organic, and can cut your drying time in half).
  • Next, scrunch your wet curls upward with the Raw Curls Flour Sack Towel or wrap the towel around your head for a few minutes for frizz-free curl definition and decreased drying time.
  • Style as usual.