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Raw Paws Pet Detangling Spray & Conditioner 8oz
Raw Paws Pet Detangling Spray & Conditioner 8oz

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Raw Paws Pet Detangling Spray & Conditioner  is ideal for busy pet parents as well as time-strapped pet grooming professionals.  This one of a kind four-in-one grooming spray is loaded with 70% natural & organic ingredients, free of toxic chemicals, and can be used to easily detangle and work out difficult mats, condition your dog or cats coat, leaving him / her with a smooth, shiny coat, as well as deodorizes with a gentle organic orange essential oil blend, and, best of all, it repels fleas ON CONTACT! Great for an outdoor cat or dog! (not a substitute for your monthly flea medication). Raw Paws Detangling Spray & Conditioner utilizes a patented molecule, unique to the Raw Paws brand, that will smooth your furry friends' coat in a matter of seconds. Plus, it’s Silicone-free, Paraben-free, GMO-free, Gluten-free,  Synthetic Fragrance-free, Phthalate-free, SLS-free, and Colorant-free. There is no cleaner, "greener" natural & organic pet product on the market today. Your dog or cat will thank you for it. 

Key Benefits

  1. Time-saving non-toxic product
  2. Amazing professional-quality finishing spray for your dog or cats coat.
  3. Great for detangling and working out mats, etc, as well as conditioning
  4. Silicone-free formula—smooth without buildup or stickiness. 
  5. Perfect for professional groomers as well as home use




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