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Raw Curls Malibu C Undo Goo - 9 oz
Raw Curls Malibu C Undo Goo - 9 oz
9 oz

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When starting your Curly Hair Journey, one of the BIGGEST mistakes we see is people switching over to good quality, "Curly Girl-friendly" products after using the cheaper drugstore-type for years, and NOT clarifying FIRST. 

MOST (yes, most) commercially-available shampoos, conditioners, and stylist products cause build up, and over time, this build up coats the hair and scalp to a point that a good quality product with excellent ingredients can't penetrate the hair...thus, lackluster results at best.

You MUST clarify first, and at our own Curly Hair Salon in Naples, Florida, Malibu C Undo Goo is what we've been using on new clients for years BEFORE we started using Raw Curls organic salon professional products on them. Clarifying FIRST makes all the difference.

Discover a detoxifying deep clean with this carefully-crafted vegan cleansing complex that battles buildup and targets impurities without stripping moisture for a pristine clean that instantly imparts radiance of your curly and textured hair.  Gentle shampoo defends against hidden hair horrors; prevents hard water buildup; reveals shine and manageability.  


Massage into wet hair, then rinse. 




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