Our Story – Raw Hair Organics

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Our Story

Our Raw Organics Mission

The Mission of Raw Hair Organics is to provide healthy, professional hair care products AND services without the use of toxins, dangerous synthetics, or harmful chemicals. We utilize the finest in sustainable ingredients, components, plant extracts, and natural vitamins.

Raw Hair Organics is dedicated to providing salon-professional quality hair and skin care products utilizing natural and organic ingredients whenever possible, while continuing to push that envelop further every day, to ensure the health and safety of both our customers and our environment. Our goal is to always set the standard, not to follow the lead of others

Our Story

In her quest for a chemical & toxin-free environment for her and her clients, Melanie experimented with “Natural” and “Organic” products from all over the world, yet was disappointed in either their performance or in their ingredient make up.

It always came down to a choice: You either got salon-quality performance with a myriad of toxic ingredients mixed in with the natural & organic ones, or you got really good high-quality products with natural ingredients and they didn’t perform as expected and clients wouldn’t buy them.

There was clearly a gap in the market…and that gap was HUGE, yet the demand was clearly there, as the Raw Hair Organic Salon was almost immediately booked solid for months, being open 12 hours a day up to 6 days a week.

 Clearly frustrated, Melanie decided that the only answer would be to create the line herself, a line free of potentially toxic cancer-causing ingredients that performed just as good or better than the other big-name salon-quality brands.

3 1/2 years later, and countless hours of lab work and testing, The Raw Hair Organics line was perfected, followed shortly by the Raw Curls, Rodz Grooming For Men, and Raw Paws product lines. What the industry “Greats” mocked and said couldn’t be done, was, indeed, a reality.

The idea had been gestating in beauty circles for probably two decades, but it was Melanie Nickels who finally, truly, made it a reality in the beauty industry: Natural & Organic Salon-professional quality products that truly PERFORM without compromise, and without chemicals.

In her quest for a chemical & toxin-free environment for her and her clients, Melanie experimented with “natural” and “organic” salon hair products from around the globe. Disappointed with either the quality of the products on the market, inconsistency, or the lack of performance, she knew that the only way to get truly 100% natural & organic hair products that performed like a traditional chemical-based line would be to create it herself.