RH Organics Skin Care Marine Complex Starter Kit #1 – Raw Hair Organics


RH Organics Skin Care Marine Complex Starter Kit #1

RH Organics Skin Care Marine Complex Starter Kit #1

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Marine Complex products are the latest HOT item in the skin care industry, and, of course, WE have them and ours are ORGANIC!

First, the Serum:
A symphony of healing herbs, restorative plant, and flower compounds are found in this super concentrated marine serum.
Seaweed, kelp, spirulina, Irish moss, and seawater extracts provide the benefits of 90 trace ocean minerals to brighten, tone,
and promote elasticity for all skin types. MSM will act as a natural and healing solvent to drive the active ingredients deep
into the skin for superior efficacy. All the combined with the non-comedogenic hydrating benefits of Jojoba Oil to ensure high
levels of moisture for your skin.

Second, the Cream:
A key component of our Marine Complex face care protocol is this super hydrating creme. Phytochemicals and 90+ ocean
minerals, structured water, and polysaccharides combine with the finest of proven hydrating ingredients of shea butter and jojoba oil
to provide super hydration and moisturization for your skin. Light and fresh for all skin types, this deeply penetrating and absorbing
lotion is the perfect accompaniment for our Marine Complex Cleanser, Toner and Masque. Marine Complex will rapidly restore
firmness and elasticity to tired and overworked skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Third, the high-quality TSA approved clear plastic travel bag with zipper.

98% organic and priced way lower than our competitors who AREN’T using all organic ingredients!

Limited quantities available.