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How to Establish a Skin Care Routine

Someone has been cleaning out face since birth, why on earth is it so complicated now?

Here’s why, we are no longer spending our days inside a play pen. We are out in the sun, getting dolled up with our best makeup, and sharing surfaces that we put our face on like cell phones. So yeah, things are a little bit different than when we were babies and it’s important to know how to keep our skin healthy.

The first thing we’re going to do is look at some of the products that could be a part of your skin care routine. Then we’re going to go through the process of establishing a routine that works for you. It should go without saying that cleaning your face should be done everyday but taking good care of your skin IS a  different story and we’re going to address that.

Products for your skin care routine:

  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Serum
  • Makeup removal
  • Eye Cream
  • Face masks
  • Sunscreen
  • Spot treatment
  • Moisturizer
  • Exfoliator

Things to keep in mind

  1. The products listed above may not be in any specific kind of order but your routine needs to be. There’s simply just a way that makes sense based on the purpose of each product so there is an order to things.
  2. Your daytime routine will be slightly different from your nighttime routine. Small changes. You don’t need sunscreen to go to bed and you don’t need a makeup remover before applying makeup (assuming that you do not sleep with makeup on. Please don’t.)
  3. Pay attention to what your skin needs and how it reacts to products. Not every product will be essential to you which is why we break it down to the basics below.
  4. There are lots of acne control and acne prevention products that you can use but again, pay attention to your skin. If you develop an infection from scratching/popping pimples, that is something that has to be handled at the doctors.
  5. Have fun with it! Seriously, although cleaning your face is something that must be done, think of it like a mini spa that you get to do twice a day.

Establishing a routine

Start with the basics.

If you do nothing else for your skin, these three things should be done day and night. Clean it, tone it, and moisturize it. Plus in the morning, you should also use a sunscreen. If you wear makeup then wiping your makeup is a part of the cleaning process at night. Find some products you feel good about and start there.

Add in the weekly things.

Start exfoliating weekly and doing a face mask for extra cleansing and love.

Pick your days.

Now we’re getting into making this a routine. If Sundays are best for you to do your face mask, make it a habit. If you have an intense workout Thursday nights, maybe exfoliate that night to make sure your face is really clean before bed.

Be committed.

Know that you are doing all of this for the health of your skin. Whether you are keeping it really basic or going the extra mile for your skin, commit to it the same way you would commit to a workout regimen.

Do you have a skin care routine that works for you? Let us know in the comments

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