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Setting Your Curls

Can we agree that our hair does some STRANGE stuff?


Ok good, now that we’re in agreement...Hey Curly Girl!


Let’s talk curl pattern. Have you ever done your hair and then realized you have curls going all sorts of ways around your head and it’s super frustrating? Been there, done that and totally understand the irritation.


There are a few things you can do to try and combat that issue.

First, make sure you’re spending adequate time distributing product into your hair. You really need to work it in evenly from root to tip and plop your curls afterward to get all of the excess moisture out. No one wants frizzy curls!


If that doesn’t work, you can manually set the errant curls that are driving you nutty. Gently twist it the way you’d like it to go and bobby pin it into place to allow it to set. After a few minutes, you can take the pins out and make sure you finish with a setting spray to lock it into place.


Now that you’ve got those curls fixed, go enjoy a fabulous hair day!


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