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Save Time with your Natural Hair Regimen

We are big fans of keeping it healthy and simple. In our last post, “Four Steps to Healthy Curly Hair” we revealed four not-so-secret steps to make sure your hair stays healthy without overwhelming yourself with all the curly hair tips and tutorials that exist. This week we have four more things we want to share. We are giving you four ways that you can save time taking care of your hair.

There are different steps that you have to go through on washday no matter the hair type. Curly hair also “reacts” differently when it is wet vs when it’s dry. One big problem with rushing through your washing and styling is that it can cause your hair to have some breakage. So while it is important to take your time and be careful with your curls, there are ways to make this healthy hair wash day to process a little easier and less time-consuming.

Tip #1

Lengthen the time between wash days. If your hair and scalp don’t experience huge amounts of build-up, you can stretch out the days between your washes up to two weeks. If you have been washing your hair weekly but are now considering a bigger gap, start with 10 days. If you notice your hair is suffering, go back to your weekly washes. Health comes first.

Tip #2

When your hair is dry, keep it in a stretched state. This can be done by braiding or twisting your hair (while damp or wet) and allowing it to air dry before unraveling your curls. When your hair is stretched, it prevents knotting, therefore saving you time on your next wash.

Tip #3

Put your hair in the stretched style (mentioned above) immediately after washing your hair. Once it is dry you can either wear the braids/twist, unravel them and rock the curls, or create a cute updo. Or even better, you can do all three options and leave your hair in a stretched state for your next wash day.

Tip #4

Deep condition overnight. This is the ultimate time saver. You can split your wash day in half. At night you can detangle and wash your hair then apply the deep conditioner to sit overnight. In the morning, rinse the deep conditioner out, style, and you’re done. Split the process over two days and allow yourself time to get other things done.

Curly hair does need a little extra TLC but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Take these tips, and the tips from last week’s post “Four Steps to Healthy Curly Hair” to simplify your regimen and maintain (or better) the health of your hair.

Got any other time-saving tips to share with the Raw Curly community? Leave us a comment below.

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