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Got Curly Hair? Stay Away From These Ingredients

There is an extensive amount of products claiming to be the best for your curly hair. If you’re new to properly caring for your hair, it is so easy to get confused about what products to buy. It's also easy to get frustrated with the products you’re buying making your hair dry, stiff, or feeling dirty.

You have to start reading the labels and this blog will show you where to start.

Healthy hair begins at the scalp. This means that you want to be sure to use products that work well for moisturizing and styling your curls but do not clog your scalp. Yuck. Ingredients like silicones, waxes, and mineral oils cause buildup and disrupt the healthy growth of hair. It’s not that these ingredients stop hair growth completely but with regular use and in combination with other not-so-good products, you wouldn’t be doing anything that actually benefits your hair.

When it is time to wash away that buildup stay away from sulfates. Sulfate is actually a tricky one and a big reason why it’s so important to read the ingredients on the back. When the front of a bottle states that it is sulfate free it means that it is free of the harshest sulfate. Many times curlies buy cleansers because of this claim, never read the back label, and then wonder why it still dries their hair out so badly.

Don’t allow any sulfates to touch your curls.

Want to know more about what you SHOULD look for on these labels? Stay tuned for another Raw Hair Organics blog post.

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