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Dealing with Damaged Hair

Curly girls are no stranger to dry, damaged hair. But what happens when your hair is damaged beyond repair? Here are some steps for dealing with it.

  1. Go to a reputable salon. Make sure you’re going to a stylist that can style and treat your hair. You may need to prepare yourself for a big cut, but if you aren’t ready- ask for at least an inch or two off, so it’ll be a gradual change.
  2. Lay off the heat! Seriously. While we all love a hair dryer and occasionally a straightener, heat can destroy your gorgeous locks. If you HAVE to use them, make sure you’re using a product to protect your hair.
  3. Deep condition! Find a deep conditioner you love and use according to the instructions, usually once or twice a week tops.
  4. Don’t play with your hair. Funny, but it’s true! The more you twist or brush your hair, the more likely it is to break.
  5. Cut back on the bleach or if you refuse, make sure something like Olaplex is added to protect your hair.

What are your favorite tips and tricks for keeping your gorgeous mane protected and looking glossy? Let us know!

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