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Curly Terms You Should Know

Hey Curly Girls!

Let’s talk curly hair terms today. If you’ve been in the curly hair community long enough, and that’s to say at all, you’ve seen all sorts of terms floating around about different styling techniques and ways to handle your way. We’re here to help you figure those out!


Pixie Diffusing

Unlike typical diffusing, which is when a diffuser is used on a hair dryer and it’s kept at the same heat intensity throughout the entire drying time, Pixie diffusing is a slightly different method. With Pixie diffusing, the hair is still very wet and the product is added, then the diffuser is used immediately. You’ve flipped your head over, diffusing on high heat in a section and then turning the hair dryer off. It’s a slower way of diffusing since the hair is still very wet when it starts, but it does cut down on frizz and really locks in the product. This method is generally best suited for the beginnings of every type- 2 a, 2b, 3 a, 3c, etc…


Fluffing and Puffing

This is the method we use at the salon! Fun name right?! This is the typical standard method of drying, which is also considerably more efficient. It’s a cute name for air drying 50%-80% of the hair, then diffusing the last bit to eliminate frizz and define the curls. This method works for just about everyone, which is why we use it.



This is exactly what it sounds like! You’re refreshing the curls in between washes. There are different methods, with the most popular spraying a light leaveleave-initioner and reshaping the curls. We recommend the Raw Curls Anti-Frizz spray for this! You spray a generous amount of product on the hair, enough to moisten it and then shape away! You want those curls to look fabulous.


Another way that people refresh their curls is by getting them wet and conditioning, then adding a gel or some shape holding product. We do consider this more of a co-wash personally, but nothing is one size fits all! What works for one person’s curls aren’t necessarily going to work for your best friend’s curls.


Raking and Shaking

Don’t you just love these names for things?! Raking and shaking is when you take the product, such as gel, and you’re using your whole hand to apply it from root to tip. You’re really working, ‘raking’, the product in to get that coverage, cut back on frizz and shape the curl.



No, you aren’t eating pineapple for this one. ;) This is a simple method of putting your hair on the top of your head when you sleep, so called pineappling because of the shape. It’s to preserve your curls while you sleep so they don’t get mussed from the pillow or tossing and turning.



We love this way of drying & styling your curls! Using a thin towel, like our fun Raw Curls flour sack, you apply the product to your wet curls, then ‘plop’ them into the towel. It’s to absorb the excess water without damaging the curls, like traditional towels do.


So now that you know these fun terms for curly hair, go plop, pineapple and rake and shake to your heart’s content! Make sure to tell us your favorite method in our Curly Girls Facebook Group!

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