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Clarifying Curly Hair

What is it? Why do we curly girls need to clarify our hair? So many questions! Well don’t worry, we’re here to tell you all about it!


 The Why

There’s been an upswing in curl education in the last few years, which is great for everyone with curls. It also means we’re realizing how awful the products we were and may still be using. The majority of products on the market are awful for curls. They’re full of sulfates, silicones and other harsh ingredients that strip the cuticle. Because is it damaging the curl, it’s reducing shine and roughening up the texture of the hair, causing frizz.


The How

First, you have to get a shampoo that is going to clear out that buildup so you can ‘reset’ your hair so to say. Wash like you normally do and follow up with your favorite curl friendly conditioner and styling products.


How often

How often you clarify your hair depends on the hair itself. Are your curls looking frizzy and lackluster? Do you have hard water?  If yes, then it sounds like it’s time for a clarifying wash! You’ll figure out what works for you- some people clarify once a month, while others only do it when the seasons change.


Now go clarify those curls and let us see your gorgeous hair in our Curly Girl Group on Facebook!

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